Upgrading Guide

Instructions for upgrading to the latest Vaadin version. To run applications or components developed with Vaadin 7 or 8 inside an application written using the latest version, see Multiplatform Runtime.

Common Steps

These steps apply regardless of what version you are upgrading from.

  1. Delete the node_modules folder and either lock file: package-lock.json (with npm) or pnpm-lock.yaml (with pnpm).

  2. Edit the pom.xml file and change the Vaadin version to 22.0.0.alpha8:

    View full pom.xml
    Click the "Expand code" button to view a complete reference pom.xml file.
  3. Update Spring Version (Spring-based projects only).

    Vaadin is compatible with Spring 5.3.0 or newer, and Spring Boot 2.4.0 or newer. If your application uses an older version of Spring, update it to a compatible version:

  4. Run mvn clean install


Changes by Version

A summary of changes in each Vaadin version since Vaadin 15.