Running an Application

Running Maven Goals

NetBeans has integration with Maven, enabling you to run Maven commands. Besides building and cleaning the project, you can run the web application in an embedded web server.

  1. Select the project in the Projects view.

    NetBeans will show common Maven goals inside the Navigator view:

    Navigator view
  2. Double-click a goal to execute it.

Running the Web Application

You can run the web application in an embedded web server by running the appropriate goal for your technology stack.

Technology StackEmbedded ServerGoal to Run

Spring Boot


CDI / Java EE

Apache TomEE


Plain Java



While the server is running, you can edit and save any source files, and the server notices the change and redeploys web application. You can also enable Live Reload.

To stop the server, click the stop button in the Output view:

Binding Maven Goals to IDE Actions

As running the web application is a frequent task during development, you may want to bind such Maven goal to an IDE action.

To associate the Run project action to a Maven goal to start the server, do as follows:

  1. Right-click the project in the Projects view and select Properties.

  2. In the Project Properties window, select Categories  Actions.

  3. Select the Actions  Run project option.

  4. Type the goal to start the web server in Execute Goals: either jetty:run (plain Java project), tomee:run (CDI project), or spring-boot:run (Spring Boot project).

  5. Click OK:

Now you can deploy and run the web application by clicking the run icon in the toolbar:

You can repeat the process to bind the same Maven goal to the Debug project IDE action as well.

If the Vaadin application was created with the project wizard or a Maven archetype, you should be able to access it at localhost:8080.

With the above configuration, you can now use NetBeans to develop your Vaadin application with Maven.

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