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Get an overview of Control Center.
This project is still under active development and is not yet suitable for production use.

Control Center is a specialized tool designed specifically for managing Vaadin applications on Kubernetes clusters. It’s a practical solution for developers and administrators who need to deploy, monitor, and manage their Vaadin applications, effectively.

With Control Center, deploying your Vaadin application to a Kubernetes cluster is straightforward. You can easily move production builds to a cluster. You can also discover and adopt any existing Vaadin applications to start managing them without the need of manual deployments and configuration. Control Center makes it easy to set up and manage the resources your Vaadin applications need. Whether you’re setting up databases (e.g., PostgreSQL, MongoDB), utilizing identity providers (e.g., Keycloak), or adding visualization tools such as Grafana, Control Center simplifies these tasks so you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Identity Access Management

Control Center offers Identity Access Management (IAM) by connecting your Vaadin application with identity providers to manage user access and authentication, making it easier to control who has access to your application and their permissions. It also provides monitoring of an application’s performance, and identifies potential problems to help discover vulnerabilities in your application’s dependencies, keeping your application safe and up-to-date.


Control Center is about giving you a straightforward way to manage your Vaadin applications on Kubernetes. It handles the complexities of deployment, resource management, security, performance monitoring, and user management, so you can focus on developing and improving your application.