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Vaadin Elements - Date Picker - Overview


The vaadin-date-picker element is a date selection field with a scrollable month calendar view. The picker opens up as a dropdown when the element gets clicked or tapped. There’s also JavaScript APIs for opening and closing the picker: and datepicker.close().

It has two display modes, full-screen or desktop. The display mode to use is determined according to the size of the screen. The user can navigate to a desired month by scrolling the list of years and months and then select a date. On a desktop browser the input field can also be used for setting the vaadin-date-picker value directly by typing.

When a date is selected, the user can clear the value with a button on the right side of the selection label. The dropdown footer has a today button for quickly jumping to the current month. If the calendar view is already positioned on the current month, then the today button selects today and closes the dropdown. A cancel button in the footer allows closing the dropdown without affecting the value.

Keyboard Navigation Overview

When a date is focused using the keyboard, it can be selected or deselected using Space key.
With Enter key, the focused date is selected and the date picker is closed. The focused date will also get automatically selected when the overlay is closed
(except when closing with the cancel button which reverts to the previous value while closing).

Focus can be moved with the following keys:
Up: a week backward
Down: a week forward
Left: a day backward
Right: a day forward
Home: focus first day of the month
End: focus last day of the month
PageUp: a month backward
PageDown: a month forward
Shift+PageUp: a year backward
Shift+PageDown: a year forward

vaadin date picker overview
Figure 1. A screenshot of vaadin-date-picker