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Customizing the Input Field · Vaadin
Vaadin Elements - Combo Box - Customizing the Input Field

Customizing the Input Field

The vaadin-combo-box element allows you to customize parts of the user interface by replacing the content with any other elements. You can replace individual icons by adding elements with clear-button and toggle-button class names. If that’s not enough, you can also replace the whole input field by using the vaadin-combo-box-light element. This chapter will explain these customization options more detail.

Using Custom Icons

By default the vaadin-combo-box has two icons, a toggle icon for opening the dropdown and a clear icon for clearing the selected value. You can replace these with your own custom icons or buttons by using toggle-button and clear-button class names. Using any element is allowed, but a paper-icon-button will make your life a bit easier as it will get some default styles applied automatically.

vaadin combo box customization
Figure 1. Overview of icon customization options for the vaadin-combo-box element
<vaadin-combo-box label="Custom Icons">
  <paper-icon-button icon="remove-circle" class="clear-button"></paper-icon-button>
  <paper-icon-button icon="search" class="toggle-button"></paper-icon-button>

Two special class names are also available for the custom buttons.

Class name Purpose


Makes a paper-icon-button slightly smaller. Used by the default clear-button.


Rotates the element 180 degrees when the dropdown is opened. Used by the default toggle-button.

If you would like to apply some custom styles specific to the state of the element, the vaadin-combo-box reflects following properties to an attribute.

Attribute Is Present When


The dropdown is open.


A value is selected.


The element is in read-only mode.


The element is disabled.

Replacing the Input

If changing the icons is not enough, you can also replace the whole input element. In order to do this, you need to use vaadin-combo-box-light. This element is a light version of the full vaadin-combo-box and it provides only the dropdown functionality.

The custom input element must have a property for the value, which is available for two-way data-binding. By default it is expected that this property is named bindValue to make it compatible with iron-input. You can change the property name with the attrForValue property.

In order to create a simple iron-input-based combo box, you can just wrap the input inside a vaadin-combo-box-light element.


If you wish to build something more similar to the default combo box, you can for example use paper-input. See the example below, which also uses the prefix and suffix attributes to position the icon and buttons.

<vaadin-combo-box-light attr-for-value="value">
  <paper-input label="Elements">
    <iron-icon icon="toll" prefix></iron-icon>
    <paper-button suffix class="clear-button">Clear</paper-button>
    <paper-button suffix class="toggle-button">Toggle</paper-button>