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Custom Input Values · Vaadin
Vaadin Elements - Combo Box - Custom Input Values

Custom Input Values

Users can be allowed also to input their own custom values. By default, this feature is disabled, so it needs to be explicitly enabled.

<vaadin-combo-box allow-custom-value></vaadin-combo-box>

When enabled, custom input values are always accepted and used as the value of the vaadin-combo-box. If you need to cancel the automatic assignment, you can provide your own listener for the custom-value-set event that prevents the default behavior.

<dom-module id="my-element">
    <vaadin-combo-box id="combobox" on-custom-value-set="onCustomValue"></vaadin-combo-box>
    is: 'my-element',
    onCustomValue: function(event) {
      // Prevents the custom value to be assigned.

      this.$.combobox.value = 'Default Value';