Lookup Field

Vaadin ComponentFactory

The Lookup field component allows you to search a specific record


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin



Mekaso GmbH

animations for Vaadin flow components

Error Window Add-on

Flowing Code

This add-on allows to add a sub-window to inform that an error was caused by an exception.

FullCalendar for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Integration of Full Calendar for the Vaadin Framework 14+

FullCalendar Scheduler for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Full Calendar Scheduler for the Vaadin Framework 14+

ToggleButton for Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Web Component providing an on/off switch that users can toggle

Input Mask Add-on

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Vaadin Flow integration of imaskjs library.

Grid Helpers Add-on

Flowing Code

Several grid recipes for Vaadin 23+ (and 22), ready to use

VCF Keyboard Shortcut Manager Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

A modern library for managing keyboard shortcuts in a Vaadin application.


Tatu Lund

A bean populated html table component for Vaadin 24, 23.3.x and Vaadin 14.x backed by a dataprovider.

File viewer for Vaadin

Radosław Pakula

Log viewer / glogg

SO Components

Syam Pillai

A set of Vaadin Flow Components and Abstractions

Canvas Java

Team Parttio

Canvas component for Vaadin 10+

Date Range Picker

Vaadin ComponentFactory

This is a component to select a date range with single calendar popup.