Year Month Calendar Add-on

Flowing Code

Full year / month calendar for Vaadin 22+


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin



Mekaso GmbH

animations for Vaadin flow components

SO Components

Syam Pillai

A set of Vaadin Flow Components and Abstractions


Tatu Lund

Tree component for Vaadin 24, Vaadin 23 and Vaadin 14

Line Awesome icons for Vaadin

Team Parttio

Awesome icon library for Vaadin apps, which don't increase your front-end bundle size.

Toggle Button Group

Soroosh Taefi

Toggle-Button-Group for Vaadin 23.3+ and Java 17+

Clipboard for Flow

Stefan Uebe

A Vaadin Flow utility to access the clientside clipboard.

Flow Viritin

Matti Tahvonen

The commons library for Vaadin 10+


Miki Olsz

Localised number fields, positionable labels, form generator, collection/map field, server-side text selection, date pickers with date pattern, configurable select components (tabs, GridSelect and ItemGrid), multi-click button, a LazyLoad, a ComponentObserver and even an UnloadListener. Plus fluid API, good JavaDocs and general Java-friendliness.

Enhanced Rich Text Editor

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Enhanced Rich Text Editor for Flow is an extended version of Vaadin Rich Text Editor

Chip-ComboBox for Vaadin

XDEV Software

Chip-ComboBox for Vaadin


David Dodlek

Create and use smooth signatures for Vaadin 14 & 23

Trix Editor

J├╝rgen Hoffmann

Integration of Trix Editor for Vaadin platform


Sebastian Dietrich

Field for entering JSR354 (including both amount and currency)