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Animated coverflow-style image gallery component Coverflow Add-on - Vaadin Add-on Directory
The Coverflow component is an animated image gallery which uses CSS3 3D effects of the jQuery Flipster Addon ( Features: - 3D CSS effects - imageSelectionListener fires in every client-side navigation - adjust max image size - this add-on loads jquery-1.11.2.min.js Known issues: - The CoverFlow#maxSize() method accepts values bigger than the actual available space of the element on client side. This causes the images to be that large that the images are (a) larger than the coverflow component itself and (b) navigation may not be possible because the main image covers the next right image. It is planned to change this behavior in a future release. - Mixing images with different aspect ratios may also cause space and navigation problems so far Roadmap: - set the selected image element from server side - add image click listener - optimize rendering size of the images (maybe automate it to a percentage value)