VostokSystem UIComponents collection | Vaadin

A collection of UIcomponents and helper classes, Toolbar, PushButton, SpinButton, ActionWindow and more

This library regroups several components and helpers classes, main ones are :

Toolbar is a widget for rendering an horizontal toolbar, filled with buttons, selectors, etc.
It aims to be simple and versatile. It also provide a set of scss variables.

PushButton is a on/off state button. It accepts 3 different modes, Single, Many to Many, One of many.

SpinButton is a multi purpose component, designed to display and browse over data with next/previous buttons. it uses a data model, therefore values aren't necessarily fixed neither linear and can be done at request.There's a set of default models but you can easily create your. value can also be edited by user.

Dialog window - which extend Dialog - is made of two parts, the inner, where you add your content, and the button bar. It uses a central listener for managing all actions at once (including close/cancel), no need for a listen on each button. To do so, It expects an unique "id" for each button (action). ActionWindow provides many helpers to create most common "modal" windows.

KeyPressAction allow you to register a specific listener for a component when using the same shortcut accross several others component. It acts as a proxy between components and the default vaadin Shortcut listener.

also,, i18nbutton, i18n integration, WindowManagement, SimpleColourWindow, HintField...

Check the sampler at http:/:vaadin.vostoksystem.eu for a full description and more samples code.

Licence : Creative commons, no restriction, free for any open source or commercial usages.



Framework Support
Vaadin 7.5
Vaadin 7.6
Install with
Release notes - Version 1.5

Library switches to scss and valo Minor bug fixes, Compatibility with vaddin 1.5 and up updated license to Apache 2.0