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Use Project Reactor and Vaadin together

Veactor is a set of helpers to use Project Reactor and Vaadin together.

The main functionality is focused on updating parts of a Vaadin UI when new elements are published to a Flux or Mono. This is done using an appropriate subscribe method in the Veactor class. Each of those methods requires a component instance that is used to control the life cycle of the subscription - the subscription is started when the component is attached (happens immediately if it's already attached when subscribe is called) and the subscription is closed when the component is detached again.

public class HelloWorldView extends VerticalLayout {
  public HelloWorldView() {
    Flux<Long> flux = Flux.interval(Duration.ofSeconds(1)).take(10);

    Span message = new Span("Waiting for updates...");

    Veactor.subscribe(this, flux, value -> message.setText("Received value " + value));



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