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Wrapper for popular LGPL rich text editor

TinyMCE is popular feature rich html editor that works in common browsers. This add-on provides a wrapper around it. Vaadin developer can deal with a same kind on API as with TextField component. If you have Eclipse and Vaadin plugin installed, I'd bet there is no easier way to start using TinyMCE.

Vaadin has its own RichTextArea for, which is based on GWT's example implementation. TinyMCE has a lot more features than RichTextArea currently has.

Note, the wrapped TinyMCE editor has LGPL license. Apache2 license is for the wrapper code.

If users of this addon want to serve tinymce scripts themselves, they may use the included org.vaadin.tinymceeditor.widgetset.TinymceeditorWidgetsetNoScript widgetset instead. If the std widgetset is used, tinymce scripts are served from the addon jar file.


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BetaReleased 01 March 2012Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 6.0+
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 1.5.0
  • fixed updating issue when returning from html mode
  • updated to tinymce 3.4.9
  • maven based build, zip packaging, sources to directories maven repo