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Web Component of AutoSelectCombobox


Run npm install and follow the prompts to setup the workspace.


Install vcf-auto-select-combobox:

npm i @vaadin-component-factory/vcf-auto-select-combobox --save


Once installed, import it in your application:

import '@vaadin-component-factory/vcf-auto-select-combobox';

Add <vcf-auto-select-combobox> element to the page.


Running demo

  1. Fork the vcf-auto-select-combobox repository and clone it locally.

  2. Make sure you have npm installed.

  3. When in the vcf-auto-select-combobox directory, run npm install to install dependencies.

  4. Run npm start to open the demo.


Apache License 2.0


Link to this version
ImportedReleased 08 April 2022Other
Framework Support
Polymer 3.0+
Browser Independent
Install with
npm install @vaadin-component-factory/vcf-auto-select-combobox"@14.8.6"
Run the above npm command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 14.8.6


  • @polymer/polymer#^3.0.0
  • @vaadin/vaadin-element-mixin#^2.1.3
  • @vaadin/vaadin-license-checker#^2.1.2
  • @vaadin/vaadin-lumo-styles#^1.5.0
  • @vaadin/vaadin-themable-mixin#^1.5.1