Contexts and Dependency Injection for Vaadin

This add-on permits the use of primary CDI (JSR-299) features such as dependency injection, CDI events, etc. It also defines a new CDI scope for UIs and automatically configures a servlet for CDI if no Vaadin servlets are defined.


Vaadin CDI Vaadin version
1.x 7.x
2.x 8.0..8.1
3.x 8.2..
10.0.x 10
11.0.x 14

Getting started


If you do not customize Vaadin Servlet in your web.xml, a CDI enabled Vaadin servlet is deployed automatically.

As UI class CdiUI is configured. If you need a custom UI class, you have to extend this class. It is not a CDI contextual instance but injects work.

Otherwise, you can customize CdiVaadinServlet just like VaadinServlet.

Component instantiation and CDI

Vaadin triggered instantiation happens in a CDI aware Vaadin Instantiator implementation. Components created by this API:

  • @Route, RouteLayout, HasErrorParameter components
  • component fields injected by @Id to polymer templates

By default, instantiator looks up the CDI bean by type ( component class )
and gets a contextual reference from BeanManager. All the CDI features are usable like observer, interceptor, decorator.

When type is not found as a CDI bean ( for example ambiguous, or does not have a no-arg public constructor ), instantiation falls back to the default Vaadin behavior. On success, dependency injection is performed. Injects work, but other CDI features not. It is not a contextual instance.

Vaadin Contexts

In addition to standard CDI contexts, the CDI add-on introduces some new contexts. Read more about the supported scopes in Vaadin Docs


Some Vaadin service interfaces can be implemented as a CDI bean.

  • I18NProvider
  • Instantiator
  • SystemMessagesProvider
  • ErrorHandler

Beans have to be qualified by @VaadinServiceEnabled to be picked up automatically.

Example code is available in Vaadin Docs

Vaadin Events

Following events fired as a CDI event:

  • ServiceInitEvent
  • PollEvent
  • BeforeEnterEvent
  • BeforeLeaveEvent
  • AfterNavigationEvent
  • UIInitEvent
  • SessionInitEvent
  • SessionDestroyEvent
  • ServiceDestroyEvent

See example code in Vaadin Docs


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StableReleased 29 July 2019Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (1.0.5)Vaadin 8 (3.0.1)
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 11.0.0

the official Flow CDI integration that is compatible with Vaadin 14.