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Utility class for Vaadin that allows the Vaadin Upload component to be triggered by any other component

Links any AbstractComponent to an Upload component. This means that upon a click on the linked component this click will be "forwarded" to the uploader and trigger its file selector window. Multiple uploaders can be successively linked to a single upload; multiple components can also be linked to a single uploader. Simply call link(AbstractComponent, Upload) for each component/uploader combination.

Known limitations:

  • The linking is not permanent. If you reload a page you must reapply it.
  • Both the component and the uploader must be added towards the view where you want to use them.
  • Both the component and the uploader must be visible (i.e., don't use Component#setVisible(boolean) with false as this removes the component from the DOM.
  • After the linking the upload component will be made invisible via CSS (style.display='none'). This may affect your layout! So best add the uploader at a convenient space - for instance at the bottom
  • The component and the uploader must have their IDs set. See: Upload#setId(String), AbstractComponent#setId(String)
  • These IDs must be unique.
  • In case you build your UI lazily ensure that the components you want to link are present. This method waits an increasing amount of time (25ms, 50ms, 75ms, ...)
  • for the components to be found and will time out after about 12s (30 attempts). (You can check successful/failed linkings via your browser's console.)
  • Other registered ClickListeners will still fire for the source and target component.


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TestedReleased 29 January 2019Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 8.0+
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