Tuning DateField | Vaadin

A DateField alternative which can be customized with custom styles and tooltip

Tuning DateField is a highly customizable alternative to Vaadin native DateField.

  • You can customize styles and cell rendering.

  • There is also an inline mode that displays the calendar directly.

  • From 1.19.0-vaadin8 version, java.time is used instead of Joda Time LocalDate (http://www.joda.org/joda-time/). You can wrap new version into CustomField that uses Joda for backward compatibility

  • A 3 resolution calendar (day, month, year) is used for fast time travelling

Go to https://github.com/fdreyfs/vaadin-tuning-datefield for installation instructions.


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BetaReleased 03 August 2017Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.0+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (0.18.0)
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Release notes - Version 0.20.0-vaadin8

#20 Fixed NPE when calling removeDateRange() method. Thanks to ohens for spotting the bug