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Toolbox is a component that may save some workspace by folding to some edge when not needed Toolbox - Vaadin Add-on Directory
The Toolbox will be folded somewhere around your browser's edges. To unfold it, simply move the mouse cursor over the edge and the content will be shown. If this feature is not wanted, one can now also make the Toolbox foldable only on clicks. The Toolbox has a small API and will not interfere with other components. Toolbox will not have a size of its own, but determines its size by looking at the contained component. If the contained component for example is a layout with width 100%, the Toolbox will also be of 100% width. Animation can be switched off by setting the animation time milliseconds to 0. The component can also swap orientation on the fly by setting the orientation. Now there is also better support for clicking & adding icons, thanks to Henri Kerola. Henri also added programmatic support for opening the Toolbox, fixed a bug and now it is possible to style the toolbox Now also added Vaadin 7 support (1.0.0)