A verbose IRC Client completely made in Vaadin (with server push)

This project has been under development for almost two years now (and been on ice proably 80% of that time). But since Artur introduced the Server push mechanism, I decided to add this nice feature to the client, since it has been one of the most awaited features for a long time.

This is not a widget, but an application. tkIRC is deployable to a webserver container directly OR may be started up as a stand alone application.

  • Starting tkIRC as a stand alone application cannot be easier - just unzip the package and run the start.bat or start.sh file provided within. But before that, you may wish to edit the conf.properties file found in the same directory.

  • Deploying to a web server requires a little more editing:

    1. Unzip the file
    2. Go to the tkIRC-folder and rename toolkIRC.war to toolkIRC.war.zip
    3. Now, edit the conf.properties to fit your needs, and then copy it to the \WEB-INF\classes\ folder within the zip-file (overwrite the old one)
    4. Rename toolkIRC.war.zip back to toolkIRC.war
    5. now you can add the war-file to a web server, and there you go!

(Alternatively you can edit conf.properties in the webcontainer directly (requires Tomcat restart))

tkIRC includes a lot, but here are a few features:

  • Portlet support
  • Multiple DCC send (send a file to several people in a channel, for instance. Sending a file to many people at the same intranet may not work, though).
  • Multiple DCC receive (you may download many files at the same time)
  • Most of the irc commands may be issued (join,quit,topic,invite,mode,op, etc...)
  • Channel chat history (arrow up / down for history)
  • Nick name completion (press tab to cycle around all users, like in irssi)
  • Private chat
  • Shortcut for Colors, boldfaces, underline Ctrl + c, Ctrl + b and Ctrl + u. (though, there may be some problems with underlining)
  • Links
  • Smileys
  • Dynamic resizing to fit all sizes of screens
  • etc...



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BetaReleased 18 June 2010GNU General Public License v3.0 only
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Vaadin 6.0+
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