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Subwindow Desktop and Subwindow component for Vaadin Flow

SubwindowDesktop/Subwindow components

This components let you correctly implement an MDI interface.

No more windows floating over menu bar or other components.

First you define the SubWindowDesktop and add the SubWindows to it.

The SubWindows will float only inside it.


  • fire events for onMove, onClose, onMinimize, onMaximize and onRestore.
  • fire events for updatePosition and updateSize
  • set default window state for new windows.
  • hide windows buttons.
  • add components to the title bar.
  • stay on top.
  • add component to desktop
  • add a subwindow icon.


Now is posible to customize the componente theme using CssImport. Add a line like this to the view @CssImport(value = "./styles/subwindow-custom.css",themeFor = "sub-window")

and in the subwindow-custom.css change what you need.

.subwindow-header {
    background-color:  cornflowerblue !important;

Theme variables


--subwindow-bg: subwindow background color: #fff. --subwindow-border-radius: 2px.

--subwindow-header-bg: none --subwindow-header-color: none

--subwindow-header-bottomline-width: 1px --subwindow-header-bottomline-style: solid --subwindow-header-bottomline-color: #718191

--subwindow-resize-color: #666666

--subwindow-focus-lost-bg: #b3b3b340


--subwindow-desktop-bg: #f6f6f6 --subwindow-desktop-bar-bg: #e0e0e0

--subwindow-desktop-bar-label-width: 150px the label width for each subwindow shown.

--subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-width: 3px --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-style: solid --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-color: #666666

--subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-hover-width: 3px --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-hover-style: solid --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-hover-color: #0066ff

--subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-focus-width: 3px --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-focus-style: solid --subwindow-desktop-bar-label-top-focus-color: #0066ff

Available at MavenCentral:

  • groupId: com.github.mdre
  • artifactId: flowsubwindow


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