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SubNavigator - is an addon which extends the capabilities of the standard Navigator and allows easier to organize a hierarchical multilevel structure of vaadin-application with support of browser bookmarks, navigation history, Forward/Back buttons, etc.

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SubNavigator - is a server-side addon which extends the capabilities of the standard object Navigator and allows easier to organize a hierarchical multilevel structure of vaadin-application.

SubNavigator allows you to explicitly specify a hierarchy of objects, and when the user moves from one address (URI Fragment) to another SubNavigator will notify the appropriate objects on the need to clean/refresh the data in that prioritization as they are in the hierarchy.


Two main interfaces in SubNavigator - is a ISubView and ISubContainer.

public interface ISubView extends Component {
	String getRelativePath();
	void clean();
	void build();
public interface ISubContainer extends ISubView {
	ISubView getSelectedView();
	void setSelectedView(ISubView view);
	void deselectView(ISubView view);

ISubContainer is a container, and generally can contain any otherISubContainer, or ISubView. Let's look in situation where you will need to display some data at address #!/path1/path2/path3. Both path1 and path2 is a ISubContainer implementation, path3 can be either ISubView or ISubContainer. The method getRelativePath() of these objects determine their relative path path1, path2, path3. path1 is a root element which contains other elements. For example, path1 could be Panel element with nested TabSheet, path2 - Tab, path3 - VerticalLayout.

To define the object tree in the application you can use addView(ISubContainer container, ISubView view):

// registering views
ISubNavigator subNavigator = new SubNavigator(ui, path1View); // path1View - root view
subNavigator.addView(path1View, path2View); // path2View contained in path1View
subNavigator.addView(path2View, path3View);
subNavigator.addView(path1View, path4View);
subNavigator.addView(path4View, path5View);

When user navigates from #!/path1/path2/path3 to #!/path1/path4/path5, SubNavigator first call methods clean() and deselectView(ISubView view) for objects with relative path path3 and path2, then call methods build() and setSelectedView(ISubView view ) for objects with path path4 andpath5:

// log of navigating from #!/path1/path2/path3 to #!/path1/path4/path5

SubNavigator also support dynamic containers, exceptions handling, hierarchical page titles. See Wiki at github.


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Release notes - Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.0

  • Addon well tested in real project.

Version 1.0.1

  • Addon well tested in Vaadin 7.7 branch.