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Sparklines for GWT and Vaadin

Sparklines is a component for GWT and Vaadin that implements sparklines as described by Edward Tufte. A sparkline is essentially a small linegraph and some numbers, but it's best described by Tufte himself; see Tufte's book "Beautiful Evidence" or view the chapter about sparklines online at his site

Sparklines is highly configurable, and almost all features can be turned on or off.

  • linegraph, the actual sparkline
  • caption same color as line
  • current/last value, indicated by dot of same color as value
  • min/max values
  • min/max dots, same color as respective value
  • average indicator line
  • 'normal' range indicator

Please really read Tufte's explanation in order to maximize the usefullness of this component. Especially, if you have multiple sparklines that can be compared, make sure that they have the same scale - it is often best to set the graphWidth, graphHeight and display range.

Sparklines depends on the gwt-graphics library; you can use the one included in this package, or get a fresh package from

For 'plain' GWT usage, extract - it's the only file you need in addition to gwt-graphics. You may want to check for usage hints.


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BetaReleased 14 February 2013Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.0+
Also supported:
Vaadin 6 (0.5)
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Release notes - Version 7.0.2

Updated to work with Vaadin 7 final. Removed text-transform:uppercase style. (Still uses 'legacy' API, a more complete v7 rewrite planned at some point - though this one should work fine).