SO Components | Vaadin

A set of Vaadin Flow Components and Abstractions

SO Components

A set of Vaadin Flow Components and Abstractions

(Sample screenshots are from a commercial application under development that uses this add-on)

Dependencies Ver 3.0.0 or later (helper classes) Ver 5.4.0 or later (for field formatting features). Ver 1.11 (for SVG image manipulation).

Use Cases

There are 2 different ways of using this add-on.

Normal Use

It can be used to utilize the components (especially "fields" and "forms") available in this add-on.

The "form" concept here supports a mechanism that doesn't require direct use of Vaadin's "Binder" classes to create data entry forms. A hidden binder does all the tricks.

Also, there are two notable classes: DataGrid and TreeDataGrid. These classes are enhanced versions of Vaadin's Grid and TreeGrid respectively.

Two layout classes are worth mentioning: ButtonLayout and GridLayout.

A Dashboard class is also available.

Single-Page Application

This is the 2nd use case. Single-page applications typically use an "application layout" with a "menu area" and "content area". The content area displays the current "view". A view may be any sort of information displayed in the content area. It could be a "data entry screen", some sort of chart or a dashboard. This add-on contains certain classes to create different "views" including "data entry screens".

Please see the documentation of the Application class to get an idea of how to create a single-page application.


Most classes are documented with some explanation about its usage. Please see the API documentation:

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Sample Starter Application

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Vaadin platform 23+
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Release notes - Version 11.1.3

Compiled with Vaadin version 23.2.0 and Java 17.
NumericField is no more right-aligned by default (You may use CustomTextField.alignRight instead).
TokensField re-implemented using Vaadin's multi-combo.