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realization of Signal-Slot paradigm for Vaadin

Signal-Slot-Custom component for Vaadin

This is realization of Signal-Slot paradigm for Vaadin, it's entry signal bus to application. Signal's may generated anywhere for 3 scope: Local - only for current instants Application - for current UI (thread) Deployment - for all UI in current container Server - for JMX propagation

Also intoduce some CDI as @Resource(lookup="JNDI") implementation

To work with this:

  1. Add this add-on to project
  2. Make own superclass of SigSlotComponent.

Here is trivial chat application widget with signal-slot (as included in demo project) @Push public class Chat extends SigSlotComponent { private String name = null; private TextField query = new TextField();

public Button send = new Button("send");

private VerticalLayout text = new VerticalLayout(query,send);

@Slot("sendtext") public void send(Object o) { if (name == null) name = query.getValue(); else signal(SignalScope.Deployment, "chatmessage", name + ":" + query.getValue()); query.setValue(""); }

@Slot(value = "chatmessage", scope = SignalScope.Deployment)
public void receiver(String message) {
    text.addComponent(new Label(message), text.getComponentIndex(query));

public Chat() {



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BetaReleased 10 March 2015Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.1+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.0.5
  • add JMX support for Server scope signal distribution
  • add @Resource(lookup="JNDI") annotation (replace CDI)