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Selenium Addon for Vaadin

Selenium addon for Vaadin

Selenium utilities to test Vaadin applications.

It supports an abstraction layer to easily read / write and assert value inside fields. Currently supported fields are:

  • CheckBox
  • Date
  • DropDown
  • OptionGroup
  • Text
  • TextArea To use it, use the InputMethodFactory to get a InputMethod for the elemenent you want to access.

It supports automatically filling / validation of forms with values from a property file (see DataDriven* classes). It has an utility to handle the often occuring StaleElementReferenceException (SaveElementAccess) It contains a class WaitConditions to wait for vaadin background ajax calls to finsh or to wait for specific conditions. Its base SeleniumTest class has a driver enhancement to take a screenshot when a test fails. The base Page Object (BasePO) has all these utils initialized and bound together.

It is configured by a property file named url: The url of the main page of your vaadin app to test remote: (TRUE / FALSE) If you use a selenium server, set this to true. It will then use the remote driver seleniumGrid: The URL of the selenium server SAUCE_ONDEMAND_ACCESS_KEY: If testing with sauce labs, this holds the access key SAUCE_ONDEMAND_USERNAME: If testing with sauce labs, this holds the username

Additionally it supports the ConfirmDialog from the vaadin addon with an own ConfirmDialogPO.

Vaadin 7.1 is currently not supported, there are problems with the Date field. See message!/thread/3689227.


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BetaReleased 28 July 2013Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 7.0
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Release notes - Version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Moved classes to src/main/java to better support maven dependency resolution. Added example test and PO.