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Add the functionality to Vaadin Grid to focus on a particular row and column and select a range of rows with SHIFT/CTRL Click


The Selection grid component provides support to Vaadin Grid and TreeGrid to:

  • select a range of rows with SHIFT/CTRL Click like Vaadin 7 Table in the default mode
  • focus on a particular row and column and expand the hierarchy if needed

The dataprovider needs to be a in-memory dataprovider for a TreeGrid:

  • TreeDataProvider for a TreeGrid

The component is fetching the data from the server to select an item. If a user selects the first row and shift-clicks on the last row, it will fetch all the rows. That could be a problem if you are using a lazy dataprovider.

Multi select mode

In multiselect mode, a user can select multiple items by clicking them with left mouse button while holding the Ctrl key (or Meta key) pressed. If Ctrl is not held, clicking an item will select it and other selected items are deselected. The user can select a range by selecting an item, holding the Shift key pressed, and clicking another item, in which case all the items between the two are also selected. Multiple ranges can be selected by first selecting a range, then selecting an item while holding Ctrl, and then selecting another item with both Ctrl and Shift pressed. Click on a row will select it. Space on a row will toggle the selection. You can also use Arrow down and Arrow up with Shift/Ctrl.

How to use it

Create a new component SelectionGrid/SelectionTreeGrid and use it like a Grid. The API is quite similar.


Basic example for a multiselect grid

    public SimpleView() {
        Div messageDiv = new Div();

        List<Person> personList = getItems();
        Grid<Person> grid = new SelectionGrid<>();

        grid.addColumn(Person::getFirstName).setHeader("First Name");


        grid.asMultiSelect().addValueChangeListener(event -> {
            String message = String.format("Selection changed from %s to %s",
                event.getOldValue(), event.getValue());

        // You can pre-select items
        grid.asMultiSelect().select(personList.get(0), personList.get(1));
        add(grid, messageDiv);

    private List<Person> getItems() {
        PersonService personService = new PersonService();
        return personService.fetchAll();

Focus and scroll on a particular cell

To focus on a particular cell, a new function has been added: focusOnCell that requires an item and a column.

    public FocusGridMultipleColGroupView() {

        List<Person> personList = getItems();
        SelectionGrid<Person> grid = new SelectionGrid<>();

        Grid.Column<Person> firstNameColumn = grid.addColumn(Person::getFirstName).setHeader("First Name").setKey("name");
        Grid.Column<Person> lastNameColumn = grid.addColumn(Person::getLastName).setHeader("Last Name").setKey("lastName");

        ComboBox<Person> personComboBox = new ComboBox<>();
        personComboBox.addValueChangeListener(item -> {
            if (item.getValue() != null) {
                grid.focusOnCell(item.getValue(), lastNameColumn);

        HeaderRow halfheaderRow = grid.prependHeaderRow();
        halfheaderRow.join(firstNameColumn, lastNameColumn).setText("Names");

        grid.focusOnCell(personList.get(0), lastNameColumn);


    private List<Person> getItems() {
        PersonService personService = new PersonService();
        return personService.fetchAll();

Focus and scroll on a particular cell in a Treegrid

To focus on a particular cell in a TreeGrid you can use the same function focusOnCell It will expand the parent nodes if they are collapsed, the expand is done node by node and can be slow.

    private DepartmentData departmentData = new DepartmentData();

    public FocusTreeGridView() {

        SelectionTreeGrid<Department> grid = buildGrid();

        ComboBox<Department> personComboBox = new ComboBox<>("Focus");
        personComboBox.addValueChangeListener(item -> {
            if (item.getValue() != null) {



    private SelectionTreeGrid<Department> buildGrid() {
        SelectionTreeGrid<Department> grid = new SelectionTreeGrid<>();
        grid.addHierarchyColumn(Department::getName).setHeader("Department Name").setKey("name");
        return grid;

Allowing text selection

By default, text selection is disabled to provide a more appealing visual feedback when selecting multiple rows using shift. The downside of this is, that users cannot select text parts of single rows or cells.

To allow selecting text, simply add the theme variant SelectionGridVariant.SELECTABLE_TEXT to your SelectionGrid instance.

Please note, that the text selection will still be removed, when multiple rows are selected, but, due to technical limitations of event handling there will be a short flickering of selected text.

SelectionGrid<Person> grid = new SelectionGrid<>();
grid.addThemeVariants(SelectionGridVariant.SELECTABLE_TEXT); // allow text selection inside the grid


You can check the demo here:

Missing features or bugs

You can report any issue or missing feature on github:

Sponsored development

Major pieces of development of this add-on has been sponsored by multiple customers of Vaadin. Read more about Expert on Demand at: Support and Pricing


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Release notes - Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0

  • Modified to work with Vaadin 23