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A simple Vaadin Add-On for sketching on a HTML5 canvas and saving the result server-side. Uses GWT.

ScribblePane Add-on for Vaadin 8

ScribblePane is a UI component add-on for Vaadin 8. It lets you scribble or sketch a very simple drawing using the mouse, and the resulting image can be transferred to the server side.

Download release

Official releases of this add-on are available at Vaadin Directory. For Maven instructions, download and reviews, go to

Building and running demo

git clone

mvn clean install

cd scribble-demo

mvn jetty:run

To see the demo, navigate to http://localhost:8080/ .

License & Author

Add-on is distributed under Apache License 2.0. For license terms, see LICENSE.txt.

ScribblePane was written by Enver Haase in 2017, as an exercise.


Link to this version
ExperimentalReleased 17 July 2020Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.0+
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 1.0

Updated Vaadin8 to Vaadin 8.11.1 and tested it so that this component can safely be used with the Multi Platform Runtime MPR in more recent versions of Vaadin, such as Vaadin 14 LTS.