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A simple stopwatch webcomponent


A simple stopwatch web-component.

Most styling can happen directly on the element.

There's a custom property for the font-size of the milliseconds.

scary-stopwatch {
  font-size: 16px;
  --font-size-ms: 60%;

Supported methods of the element are:

.start(resume) - Starts the stopwatch. If resume is true the time will continue from when it was last stopped. Otherwise it will start from 00:00

.stop() - Stops the stopwatch.

.reset() - Resets the time to 00:00.

The current time (in ms) can be read from the .time property.


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ImportedReleased 31 August 2018Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Browser Independent
Install with
npm install @scarygami/scary-stopwatch"@1.1.0-dev.4"
Run the above npm command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 1.1.0-dev.4


  • @polymer/lit-element#^0.6.0-dev.6