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Webcomponent for interacting with the Wordpress REST API

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The wordpress-collect element makes it possible to interact with the native WP REST API.

Table of Contents

1 Install the element in your project
2 Usage
2.1 Attribute: base-url - required
2.2 Attribute: resource - required
2.3 Attribute: id - optional
2.4 Attribute: response - required
2.5 Attribute: wp-api-url - optional

1 Installation

bower install --save wordpress-posts

2 Usage



2.1 base-url - required

The required base-url attribute is the Wordpress url you want to retrieve the data from.

2.2 resource - required

The required resource attribute indicates the kind of resource to retrieve. This can be pages | posts or other resources defined in the WP REST API reference.

2.3 id - optional

The optional id attribute can be set to request a specific data object, like a page with the id 5.

2.4 response - required

When data is received the binding in the response attribute is updated with the retrieved data and available for use in the component which wordpress-collect is situated.

2.5 wp-api-url - optional

Optionally you can set the wp-api-url attribute. When not defined it will always default to wp-json/wp/v2, which is the default WP REST API segment. The wp-api-url attribute will be appended to the base-url.


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  • iron-ajax#^2.0.5