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Add-on for Using Vaadin Push in Portals

Portal Push is an Add-on which enables you to take advantage of the Vaadin push feature in your portlets.

The package contains a servlet which you should deploy along with your portlet. This servlet will handle the push requests from the browser.

If also contains a portlet class which you should extend instead of VaadinPortlet.

The servlet and portlet classes will connect your UI class to the push channel, and enable push in your UI by adding @Push, as in any servlet application

Built using 7.6.0.beta1 and requires Vaadin 7.6

For an example, see https://github.com/Artur-/portal-push-demo


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BetaReleased 31 March 2017Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.0+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (0.3.0)
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 1.0.0

Support for Vaadin 8