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API for more web-oriented Vaadin applications

One of the goals of Vaadin 7 is (according to Joonas): "Window management should be completely revised to make supporting multi-window applications, tabbed navigation, bookmarking and web-style applications easy and logical."

I think that Navigator7 extactly addresses that.

API for more web-oriented applications.

  • Notion of application level window that includes a page
  • Easy navigation between pages
  • Templating around pages (as header/footer/...)
  • Support for fixed and fluid designs.
  • Better support for multi-tab browsing.
  • Rich URI analysis, with entry points for your persistency code (as JPA).
  • Parameter injection (in page object's fields).
  • SEO crawlable pages
  • "confirm/save before leave" support
  • general Interceptor (filter) mechanism
  • batch jobs (needing to build URLs, i.e. for mails)

This is used in production for

This is version 7 because ... Vaadin 7 should improve to the point this addon is useless ;-) May be used to support discussion around Vaadin 7 API? []


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StableReleased 14 January 2011Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 6.0+
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Release notes - Version 7.49

Faton Alia added new templates, for fluid layouts. Header/Footer and Header/SideMenu. See the org.vaadin.navigator7.window package.