Upload multiple files at once and monitor the upload progress or cancel them in a shared window.

MultiFileUpload provides a nice feedback for monitoring the upload progress. It is a wrapper component, which creates an instance of com.vaadin.ui.Upload or a modified version of the org.vaadin.easyuploads.MultiUpload, depends on the browser is supported or not. MultiFileUpload components are in the same view, use a shared UploadStateWindow for displaying an upload queue and a progress indicator for each field. In browsers which not supported, this field behaves like the stock Upload component with the shared window functionality. The idea comes from the EasyUploads Vaadin addon and the demo of the File Upload in the Vaadin Sampler.

Supported HTML5 capable browsers for multiple upload: Firefox, Chrome, Safari Supported browsers for single upload: all

With MultiFileUpload you can do the following: -Select multiple files at once to upload if your browser support it. -Cancel the current upload or remove files from the upload queue. -Force the MultiFileUpload to behave like the stock Upload component with the shared window functionality.

It's easy to use!

Release notes for 3.0: -Vaadin 8 support

Release notes for 2.0.3: -Supports Drag and drop with custom drop area -File count limit -Remove unnecessary Maven compile dependencies -Separate Demo module

Release notes for 1.11: -Attach sources to Maven artifact -Introduction of UploadStartedHandler -Allow to upload the same file (Chrome bugfix)

Release notes for 1.10: -bugfixes -allow filesize greater than 1gb -intercept the end of a multiple upload batch -possibility to set MultiUpload component in indeterminate mode -support for focus on upload button (+tabindex) -support for FontIcons

Release notes for 1.9: Serializable fixes, and close the stream after upload handled.

Release notes for 1.8: Fixes compatibility with Vaadin 7.2

Release notes for 1.7.1: -fix for changing ConfirmDialog messages

Release notes for 1.7: ProgressIndicator is deprecated from 7.1, so use UI#setPushMode(PushMode) or UI#setPollInterval(int) to refresh the ProgressBar.

Release notes for 1.6.1: Bugfixes: -memory leak on detach -uploading file without extension caused exception

Release notes for 1.6: -support for setting valid mime types to upload.

Release notes for 1.5: -support for setting icon resource to the upload button.

Release notes for 1.4: -selecting and uploading multiple files is supported also for IE10 and Opera 15+ browsers. Requires Vaadin 7.1.0.

Release notes for 1.3: -disabled upload fix -interrupt all uploads on detach

Release notes for 1.2: -ability to display an overall progress -ability to reposition the upload status window

Release notes for 1.1: -ability to cancel all uploads at once -ability to set file size limit -ability to set accept filter


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StableReleased 17 February 2018Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.2+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (2.0.3)
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Release notes - Version 4.0

Recompile with Vaadin 8.2.0