Mork is a dark-ish theme, with cameleon capabilities

Mork is an experimental theme for Vaadin, featuring a dark-ish mood that can be easily modified color-wise.

It's CSS-only, and has a special feature: the color can be easily customized by modifying color.css (which contains some examples). This is achieved by using semi-transparent png:s for "everything". Note that Mork is made for dark colors - a light version will probably appear at some point...

Also note that currently Mork is based on (extends) the Runo theme, since Mork was initially made when Runo was the default theme. The plan is to make Mork completely stand-alone.

A word about browser compatibility: Mork is tested on a few browsers, which are indicated here, but may work on others - YMMV. IE7 might not look as good as some better browsers, and IE6 almost certainly will not work. Also note that not all components are implemented, so YMMS in that respect as well.

Mork is a work in progress, feel free to join in with CSS or suggestions.


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ExperimentalReleased 22 January 2010Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 6.0+
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Release notes - Version 0.1