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Vaadin integration of the MathQuill javascript library. Enables WYSIWYG editing of math in the browser without images.

VMathQuill is a Vaadin integration of the MathQuill javascript library. It offers familiar Vaadin concepts such as Labels and TextFields as MathQuill enabled variants. MathQuill itself enables the user to render and edit latex in the browser, WYSIWYG style. This add-on was made as a part of the ViLLE project.

Currently VMathQuill includes the following components.


Statically displays MathQuill rendered math.


Allows editing math via a MathQuill editable or textbox. The user can add latex commands from the server side to the current cursor position. The component also tries to use the selection if there is one, e.g. if \sqrt{} is added and the user has selected x^2, the result will be \sqrt{x^2}.


Normal Vaadin RichTextArea, but with an added button for adding math. MathQuill is used to render the input math, but due to technical limitations the actual math in the editable area is rendered as an image. Clicking the image displays a MathQuill rendered editor.


As seen on the demo, toolbars for a single MathTextField can be built from normal Vaadin components. GlobalToolbar is intended for building a floating toolbar that targets any math field that has had focus, even those by RichMathArea.


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BetaReleased 19 November 2011Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 6.7+
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Release notes - Version 0.9.5
  • many fixes and tweaks for RichMathArea's client-side
  • added helper for parsing the value of RichMathArea