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A stars' images filled to show a rate

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Lit-Elementy web component configurable to vote a rate stars.


stars-rating codepen demo

<h2>Basic stars-rating Demo</h2>
<h3>Demo 1</h3>
<stars-rating numstars="8" rating="6"></stars-rating>

<h3>Demo 2 - stars size 0.5em</h3>
<stars-rating numstars="12" rating="8" star-size="0.5em"></stars-rating>

<h3>Demo 3 - Customized</h3>
  #emoji {
    --start-unicode: '❤️';
    --star-size: 0.5em;
<stars-rating id="emoji" numstars="8" rating="6"></stars-rating>

<h3>Demo 4 - Click in star to vote a rating</h3>
<p>Your rating: <span id="yourRating"></span></p>
<stars-rating id="demo6" numstars="5" manual></stars-rating>
  var el = document.querySelector("#demo6");
  el.addEventListener('rating-changed', function(ev) {
    document.querySelector("#yourRating").innerText = ev.detail;

<h3>Demo 5 - Click in star to vote a rating with by default value</h3>
<stars-rating numstars="5" rating="3" manual></stars-rating>
<stars-rating num-stars="8" rating="6"></stars-rating>

<stars-rating num-stars="12" rating="8" star-size="0.5em"></stars-rating>

<p>Click in star to vote a rating</p>
<stars-rating num-stars="5" mode="manual"></stars-rating>

<p>Click in star to change the rating</p>
<stars-rating num-stars="5" rating="3" mode="manual"></stars-rating>

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Viewing Your Element

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Running Tests

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$ npm run build

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This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Cesar Villar @beatbits Thank you for his comments and that he is always there to help
  • Jorge del Casar @jorgecasar Thank you for emojis and improvements. You are a true ninja! ;)


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