Probably the simplest way to generate load tests for Vaadin applications.

Probably the simplest way to make scalability tests for Vaadin applications. Use this in your TestBench test instead of e.g. ChromeDriver, and it will record a Gatling scalability test with given parameters. See project's GitHub page for more information.

  • Version 0.1.x for Vaadin 7 (TestBench 4)
  • Version 0.2.x for Vaadin 8 (TestBench 5)
  • Version 0.3.x for Vaadin 10+ (TestBench 6)

CAUTION! This is an early access release: very experimental, please report bugs and improvement ideas. Note: Automatic Gatling test configuration (xsrf token, connector ids etc.) is at the moment working only in Vaadin 7 version of the add-on.


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ExperimentalReleased 31 January 2019Apache License 2.0
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Release notes - Version 0.1.8

Added an experimental support for tryMax polling