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Field that allows language converter option via input in one field and output in another field usin

Field that allows language converter option via input in one field and output in another field the space key will trigger conversion.

This component usage google translitrate API's for conversion

Features: 1. Both source and destination fields can be configured (text field or text area) 2. Both source and destination languages can be configured 3. Both source and destination field properties (i.e. width , height, values , css ) can be configured 4. Field display alignment can be configured (i.e. VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL) 5. Translation can be link or unlink via link-unlink button this is usefull for source and destination separate working 6. Source and destination values can be set or get via below methods source : get > getSourceValue() source : set > setSourceValue()

	destination : get > getDestinationValue()
	destination : set > setDestinationValue()

Usage example:

LangTranslitrate lt = new LangTranslitrate() ;// LangTranslitrate(char fieldAlignment, char fieldType, int srcWidth, int srcHeight, int dstWidth, int dstHeight, String srcCaption, String dstCaption, LanguageCode srcLangCode, LanguageCode dstLangCode)

lt.setType(LangTranslitrate.TYPE_TEXTAREA); //TYPE_TEXTFIELD
	lt.setAlignment(LangTranslitrate.VERTICAL_ALIGNMENT); // HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT
	lt.setSourceLangCode(LanguageCode.ENGLISH); // LanguageCode.RUSSIAN
	lt.setDestinationLangCode(LanguageCode.HINDI); //LanguageCode.ENGLISH
	lt.setSourceCaption("Enter Source Text");
	lt.setDestinationCaption("Translated Text");

//getting input and translated text
System.out.println("Source/ Input value is : " + lt.getSourceValue());
System.out.println("Destination/ Translated value is : " + lt.getDestinationValue());


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Vaadin 6.0+
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