InlineDateRangeField Add-on | Vaadin

Component for selecting date ranges

InlineDateRangeField is a UI component add-on for Vaadin 8 that provides the possibility to select a range of dates. The add-on is based on the same client side widget as InlineDateField. As it extends AbstarctField, it is suitable for data binding with Binder. The range selection is currently supported by clicks/touch only. Selection works as follows:

If nothing is selected:

  • The first click selects the first end of the interval
  • The second click selects the second end of the interval. The interval is then highlighted.

If an interval is already selected:

  • Clicking outside the interval extends the interval to the selected date
  • Clicking on the start date or the end date collapses the interval to only include the date that was clicked
  • Clicking inside the interval otherwise sets the end date to the date that was clicked.

The add-on supports setting limits on the possible interval to select from, just as the built-in DateFields.


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BetaReleased 12 June 2017Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 8.0+
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