Automatic vertical scrolling while dragging a row in Grid or TreeGrid.

The extension adds a vertical automatic scrolling to a Vaadin Grid or Vaadin TreeGrid component. When a drag is in progress and the user drags the mouse cursor to the top or bottom of the Grid, the grid will start to automatically scroll. By its nature the extension should work with any Grid or TreeGrid as long as additional customisations are not needed on the GridDragSource and/or GridDropTarget extensions.

As a part of the extension the badge showing the number of rows being dragged is also updated to contain the actual count of selected rows (not just the visible ones) and the DragStartEvent has been modified to contain the full list of dragged rows (including non-visible rows).

Vaadin Pro

This component is available in the Vaadin Pro subscription. It is still open source, but you need to have a valid CVAL license in order to use it. Read more at: Pricing


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BetaReleased 29 March 2019CVAL 3.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.6+
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 1.0.1

Small fixes for manifest for widgetset compilation to succeed. Still Vaadin 8.7.1+

1.0 Release notes: Initial release of DnD auto scroll add-on.

  • Built against 8.7.1 so versions 8.7.1 and upwards
  • Grid and TreeGrid will auto scroll when mouse is moved to "hot-zone"
  • Hot-zone can be configured (default 15px)
  • Rows not visible are included in the dragged items list (DragStartEvent)
  • Cross Grid and cross TreeGrid drags possible
  • Badge shows the actual nr of dragged items (not just the visible ones)
  • Badge text can be overridden through API
  • AutoScroller can be set to reset itself if the surrounding frame is scrolled (disabled by default)
  • AutoScroller can be instructed to stop scrolling if the mouse is outside the Grid for a while