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HTML Table integration for Flow

A Vaadin 14 Java integration of the html table element.


This addon provides a low-level api to work with a html table and related elements. It allows you to create a simple table consisting of rows and cells or to use a more structured approach by defining columns, a head, body and foot.

The table cells (and caption) can contain any Vaadin component, allowing to build simple and complex layouts as needed.


  • support of adding table rows, header and data cells as direct children, or
  • structuring the table by using tbody, thead and tfoot
  • can contain Vaadin components to allow simple or complex layouting as required
  • takes care of the correct order of sub elements of the table (e.g. thead before tbody, etc.)
  • support for a table caption element
  • support for column groups and columns
  • table cells can define their col- and rowspan
  • table header cells can get a scope assigned
  • convenient api for easy adding or removing sub elements
  • rows added to the table are automatically transferred to the tbody, when created

Dedicated Testbench elements

If you want to create Testbench tests testing table elements, you can reuse this predefined set of elements:


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StableReleased 07 July 2022Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14+
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Release notes - Version 1.2.0

Integrated support for multiple tbody elements (may not be supported on older browsers).