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Flow wrapper for Handsontable JS component

Flow wrapper for Handsontable JS component

It is based on Handsontable 7.4.2 with the following major changes.

  • You can use properties names instead of cell addresses in your formula, e.g. =[Amount]+[Amount]*[TaxRate]/100.
  • New items are added to the context menu for formatting including bold, italic, strike through, underscore and border.

Handsontable License

In order to use this component you need to directly obtain a license for Handsontable JS component.

License & Author

This Add-on is distributed under Apache 2.0

Component Factory Handsontable is written by Vaadin Ltd.

Sponsored development

Major pieces of development of this add-on has been sponsored by multiple customers of Vaadin. Read more about Expert on Demand at: Support and Pricing


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StableReleased 10 December 2020Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin platform 14
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Release notes - Version 3.2.1

Update license to Apache 2.0