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A Web Component wrapper for FullCalendar library that uses Polymer version 2.0 and ES6.




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A Polymer 2.0 custom element for managing and scheduling events. A high level wrapper for the FullCalendar library that uses Polymer version 2.0 and ES6.

The scheduler makes it easy to configure and customize the full calendar component in a more declarative way and without worring about the implementation details.

Being a web component that follows custom elements V1 specifications, the scheduler can be ineroperable with other JS frameworks such as Angular and Vue.js.


  • Manage and schedule events.
  • Customize and configure the scueduler using properties.
  • Build advanced calendar / scheduler in a declarative manner.
  • Organize events using categories ( e.g Work, Holiday, Meeting)
  • Show / Hide events by selecting / deselecting categories.


A live demo of the scheduler component is hosted on

alt text


You can install this element using bower :

$ bower install --save HaithemMosbahi/scheduler-component


  1. Import the scheduler-component

Once you have installed this element, you can import it in your project using HTML import :

  <link rel="import" href="bower_components/scheduler-component.html">
  1. Start using it :

Once the element is imported , you can start using the scheduler in your application :


So easy, isn't it ? :smiley:


This section illustrates some use cases of the scheduler component with an inline demo.

Note that inline demo is only visible when opening the component page on

  • Simple scheduler

This example shows a simple scheduler that displays a list of events.

            {"title" : "event1","start" : "2017-08-06"},
            {"title" : "event2","start" : "2017-08-12","end" : "2017-08-14"},
            {"title" : "event3","start" : "2017-08-15T12:30:00","allDay" :false}]'>

  • Editable scheduler

This example shows how easy it is to to turn the scheduler into an edit mode by adding the editable property. Thus, events are now draggable and can be resized. Also, this example adds additional properties to customize the view :

          editable week-numbers
          max-time="18:00:00" min-time="07:00:00"
            {"title" : "event1","start" : "2017-08-06"},
            {"title" : "event2","start" : "2017-08-12","end" : "2017-08-14"},
            {"title" : "event3","start" : "2017-08-15T12:30:00","allDay" :false}]'

  • Scheduler with categories

The third example emphasizes the use of categories to organize events on the scheduler. Also, the categories container is a sort of legends of events that have been displayed. Events can be shown / hidden by selecting / deselecting their category.

          editable week-numbers
          all-day-text="All Day"
          max-time="18:00:00" min-time="07:00:00"
          categories='[{ "label": "Holiday", "color": "#1abc9c","hidden":false },
                       { "label": "Work", "color": "#3498db","hidden":true },
                       { "label": "Meeting", "color": "#e74c3c","hidden":false }]'
          events='[{"title" : "event1","start" : "2017-08-06","category":"Holiday"},{"title" : "event2","start" : "2017-08-12","end" : "2017-08-14","category":"Holiday"},{ "title" : "event3","start" : "2017-08-15T12:30:00","allDay" : false,"category":"Work"},{ "title" : "event4","start" : "2017-08-17T10:30:00","durationEditable":false,"category":"Meeting"},{ "title" : "event5","start" : "2017-08-22T10:30:00","durationEditable":false,"category":"Meeting"},{ "title" : "event6","start" : "2017-08-24T10:30:00","durationEditable":false,"category":"Meeting"}]'

Properties and Methods

The scheduler component can be configured and customized like any custom element using properties and methods.

  • Attributes
Attribute Type Default Description
header Object customize the header of the scheduler component.
events Array [] list of events to be displayed on the scheduler.
default-view String month The default view to be displayed on the scheduler.
weekends Boolean true Whether to show the weekends or not.
rtl Boolean :false RTL mode.
hidden-days Array [] List of days to be hidden.
week-numbers Boolean :false Whether to show week numbers or not
business-hours Object {} Object that describes scheduler business hours.
height string {} Calendar's height.
default-date Object {} Default date to be displayed when the scheduler is opened.
editable Boolean :false Enable or disable edit mode.
droppable Boolean :false Whether to allow dropping elements on the scheduler or not.
event-start-editable Boolean :false Whether to allow changing event's start date.
event-duration-editable Boolean :false Whether to allow changing event's end date
all-day-slot Boolean true Whether to display the all day slot.
all-day-text String all-day Text to be displayed on the all day slot.
slot-duration String 00:30:00 Default slot duration. This duration will be used when a new event is added without specifing its duration.
min-time String 00:00:00 The min time to be displayed on the scheduler.
max-time String 24:00:00 The max time to be displayed on the scheduler.
scroll-time String 06:00:00 Time on which the scroll becomes enabled.
text-color String #FFFFFF Text color to be applied for each event.
event-color String #3a87ad Background color to be applied for each event.
show-categories Boolean :false Wether to show categories in the bottom of the scheduler or not. This is linked to the categories property.
categories Array [] events's catgories. A Category has the following properties : label (required - string ), color (string) and hidden ( default i:false, wether to show the events related to this category or not.)
selectable Boolean false Allows a user to highlight multiple days or timeslots by clicking and dragging.
select-helper Boolean false Whether to draw a "placeholder" event while the user is dragging.
  • Methods

One of the feature of the scheduler component is to provides an easy to use API in order to access to different fuctionalities that are supported by the FullCalendar library.

The list below describes methods that can be used to manipulate the scheduler :

Methods Return Type Parameters Description
today void -- Navigates to the current date.
next void -- Navigates to the next date based on the current view.
prev void -- Navigates to the previous date based on the current view.
getView string -- Returns the current view of the scheduler.
changeView void viewName Changes the view of scheduler.
getDate date -- Return the current date displayed on the scheduler.
goToDate void targetDate Navigates to the given date.
prevYear void -- Navigates to the next year.
nextYear void -- Navigates to the previous year.
incrementDate void duration Increments the date displayed on the scheduler by the given duration.


The scheduler element dispatches the events below :

Event Detail Description
day-click { date, jsEvent, view } Fired when a day on the scheduler is clicked
event-click {calEvent, jsEvent, view } Fired when an event on the scheduler is clicke
event-mouse-over { calEvent, jsEvent, view } Fired when a mouse over on event is detected
event-mouse-out { calEvent, jsEvent, view } Fired a mouse out on event is detected.
event-drag-start { event, jsEvent, ui, view } Fired when a drag start on event is detected.
event-drag-end { event, jsEvent, ui, view } Fired when a frag end on one event is detected.
drop { date, jsEvent, ui, resourceId } Fired when an element is dropped on the scheduler. This is only dispatched when the droppable mode of the scheduler is set to true.
event-drop { event, delta, revertFunc, jsEvent, ui, view } Dispatched when an event element has been dropped on the scheduler.
event-resize-start { event, jsEvent, ui, view } Fired when resize operation on one event is started.
event-resize-end { event, jsEvent, ui, view } Fired when resize operation on one event is ended.
event-resize { event, delta, revertFunc, jsEvent, ui, view } Fired when an event has been resized
view-render { view, element } Dispatched when the view of the scheduler is rendered. A navigation between days, weeks or months will fire this event
date-range-changed { start, end} Dispatched when the visible date range of the scheduler has changed, e.g. a navigation between days, weeks or months. Parameters are date strings in the ISO format (e.g. 2017-08-26). This event is fired in the same situations as the "view-render" event and exists for developers' convenience.
view-destroy { view, element } Dispatched when the view is destroyed.
select { start, end, jsEvent, view } Dispatched when a period of time is selected by the user.


Scheduler V 1.x

  • A declarative web component that wraps the fullCalendar library

  • Customize and configure the scheduler using properties

  • Dispatch events as they occur ( click on event, click on day, change view , etc )

  • Organize scheduler's events using categories

    • Show / Hide categories in the bottom of the scheduler

    • Show / Hide events when selecting / deselecting a category

    • Coloration of events based on categories

  • Add custom properties API to style the scheduler

Scheduler V 2.x

  • Add default view, create and edit templates

  • Support overriding view, create and edit templates

  • Extensible Themes

  • Add the ability to override categories template.

For further details on the scheduler Roadmap, check out our discussion here or join us on Gitter.

Your ideas and suggestions are very welcome :smiley:


First, make sure you have the Polymer CLI installed. Then run polymer serve to serve your element locally.

  • Viewing Scheduler Element
$ polymer serve
  • Running Tests
$ polymer test

Your application is already set up to be tested via web-component-tester. Run polymer test to run your application's test suite locally.


Comments, questions, suggestions, issues, and pull requests are all welcome.

  • Fork it!
  • Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  • Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  • Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  • Submit a pull request :D


Check out the release section


Credits goes to the creator of FullCalendar library.


MIT License


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  • fullcalendar#^3.4.0


Polymer 2.0+
Browser Independent