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A Polymer 2.0 Custom Element providing a scattered image drawing effect

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Applies a rendering effect to an <img> tag that breaks the image into pieces, scatters, and then reconsitutes them. The <img> tag goes in the image slot.


Default usage

<scatter-image scatter-on-tap>
    <img slot="image" src="./demo/imgs/path.jpg">

Getting fancy

<scatter-image scatter-on-tap no-background resolution="50" composite-operation="screen">
    <img slot="image" src="./demo/imgs/train.jpg">

Alt fancy

<scatter-image scatter-on-tap resolution="20" scatter-distance="500" duration="15000">
    <img style="width: 50%;" slot="image" src="./demo/imgs/train.jpg">

Configuration Attributes

Attribute Description Type Default
duration The time, in milliseconds, allotted for the animation to complete. Number 1000
resolution The size, in pixels, of the individual chunks of the image. The smaller the resolution the more chunks there are. Adjust as necessary based on image size, performance considerations and/or awesomeness Number 10
scatter-on-tap Enables a tap on the image or canvas to start a new scatter effect. Boolean false
scatter-distance The maximum distance, in pixels, that an individual chunk will start from it's destination. Number 150
no-trails Will clear the canvas on each tick of the animation, which removes the the trailing effect an animating piece will leave as it moves. This generally allows the background to be more distinct during the animation. Boolean false
no-background Hides the img tag during animation, removing the image as a background during the animation. Boolean false
composite-operation Defines the composite operation the canvas should use to while rendering the animation. If a compositeOperation is defined, animation trails are disabled. For current valid values, @see String null

Read Only, Reflected Attributes.

Attribute Description Type Default
loading Reflects the loading state of the image. True means the image is being loaded. Boolean false
drawing Reflects the drawing state of the animation. True means the the animation is in progress. Boolean false
complete Reflects if the drawing has completed Boolean false

Built with Polymer 2.0


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  • mlisook/resize-aware#^2.0.0