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A Web UI navigation implemented with LitElement

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Side-menu is a LitElement Web Component providing application navigation functionality withing the UI. It can be used for hierarchical or flat navigation.

Live demo

Supported features:
  1. Compact and normal modes
  2. Adding icons to the elements
  3. Multi level navigation

Example of side-menu


Install 'side-menu' web component:

npm i @maksu/side-menu --save

After that you can import in an html file:

    <script type="module">
        import '@maksu/side-menu/side-menu.js'
        import '@maksu/side-menu/side-menu-item.js'

or in another LitElement:

import {LitElement, html} from "lit-element";

import '@maksu/side-menu/side-menu.js';
import '@maksu/side-menu/side-menu-item.js';

class ExampleElement extends LitElement {
  static get template() {
    return html`
            <side-menu-item label='Home' href=''>

customElements.define('example-element', ExampleElement);



    <side-menu-item label="Home" href="/home"></side-menu-item>
    <side-menu-item label="Accounts" href="/accounts"></side-menu-item>
    <side-menu-item label="Assignments" href="/assignments" target="_blank"></side-menu-item>


   <side-menu-item label="Home" href="/home">
      <iron-icon icon="home" slot="icon"></iron-icon>
   <side-menu-item label="Accounts" href="/accounts">
      <iron-icon icon="account-circle" slot="icon"></iron-icon>
   <side-menu-item label="Assignments" href="/assignments" target="_blank">
      <iron-icon icon="assignment-turned-in" slot="icon"></iron-icon>


   <side-menu-item label="Home">
      <iron-icon icon="home" slot="icon"></iron-icon>
   <side-menu-item label="Favorites" expanded>
      <iron-icon icon="favorite" slot="icon"></iron-icon>
      <side-menu-item label="Learn">
            label="How to"
         label="Web Components"
      <side-menu-item label="Guides" href="guides"></side-menu-item>

Set item selected:

You can set an item to be selected by adding a selected attribute to it

    <side-menu-item label="Home" selected></side-menu-item>

Expand nested items:

When you have a multi level menu, you can expand the child items by adding expanded attribute to the parent:

   <side-menu-item label="Parent" expanded>
      <side-menu-item label="Child"></side-menu-item>

Running the demo locally

  1. Fork the 'side-menu' repository and clone it.
  2. Run 'npm-install' to install the dependencies.
  3. Run 'npm start' and the browser will automatically open the component demo.


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ImportedReleased 14 December 2020MIT License
Framework Support
Browser Independent
Install with
npm install @maksu/side-menu"@1.0.9"
Run the above npm command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 1.0.9


  • @polymer/iron-icon#3.0.1
  • @polymer/iron-icons#3.0.1
  • @polymer/paper-tooltip#^3.0.1
  • lit-element#2.4.0