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A Polymer 2.x integration with particles.js!

Special thanks to Vincent Garreau for his amazing library!

Checkout his Github here! Also, the configurator for the particles is here!


polymer-particles brings you an easy way to use the already easy particles.js library. Just add your URL to your configuration file and you're ready to go.




  1. Go to the configurator and get your configuration JSON. Also, you can create your own JSON with the help of the documentation.
  2. Save your JSON within your app's directory, reachable by the component.
  3. Install with bower
bower install --save ferbueno/polymer-particles


The following properties and mixins are available for custom styling:

Custom Property Description Default
--polymer-particles-background-display The display property to be asigned to the element. block
--polymer-particles-background-color The color for the background of the element. red
--polymer-particles-background-position The position property to be applied to the element. relative
--polymer-particles-background-width The width to be applied to the element. 100%
--polymer-particles-background-height The height to be applied to the element. 100%
--polymer-particles-background Alternatively, the mixin that will be applied to the whole element. {}


jsonUrl: string = "/default-config.json" A relative url to your configuration JSON

pJSDom: array = [] An array that's needed to process the DOM for the library.

### Contributing

See something that needs changing? Just Fork It!

Make your feature branch and then send a pull request :D


This element is licensed under the MIT License


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