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Explorer Tree Grid for Flow is an extended version of Vaadin Tree Grid that adds connectors between parent and children, like an Explorer Tree.


Just replace the TreeGrid to ExplorerTreeGrid in your code.

The default API is the same. It also add a new method to display a text and an icon.


Just replace the TreeGrid to ExplorerTreeGrid in your code

Default usage

private TreeGrid<Department> buildGrid() {
    DepartmentData departmentData = new DepartmentData();
    ExplorerTreeGrid<Department> grid = new ExplorerTreeGrid<>();
    grid.addHierarchyColumn(Department::getName).setHeader("Department Name");
    return grid;

Template Renderer and icon

ExplorerTreeGrid<DummyFile> grid = new ExplorerTreeGrid<>();
grid.addHierarchyColumn(DummyFile::getFilename, DummyFile::getIcon).setHeader("File Name");

Component Renderer

ExplorerTreeGrid<DummyFile> grid = new ExplorerTreeGrid<>();
grid.addComponentHierarchyColumn(value -> {
    Icon icon = VaadinIcon.FOLDER_OPEN_O.create();
    return new Span(icon, VaadinIcon.CLIPBOARD.create(), new Span(value.getFilename()));
}).setHeader("Department Name");

Customize the Explorer Tree Grid

By default, there are few css variables that help you to change the style of the Explorer Tree Grid:

CSS Variable Definition Default value
--explorer-tree-grid-toggle-level-offset Width of the spacer for each level 1.5rem
--explorer-tree-grid-expand-icon-width Size of the expand/collapse icon 0.8rem
--explorer-tree-grid-icon-type-width Size of the icon generated in the template renderer 1.1rem
--explorer-tree-grid-icon-type-margin Margins before and after the icon 0.1rem
--explorer-tree-grid-line-color Color of the connectors var(--lumo-contrast-50pct)
--explorer-tree-grid-icon-color Color of the expand/collapse icon and icon generated in the template renderer var(--lumo-contrast-50pct)
--explorer-tree-grid-icon-hover-color Color of the expand/collapse icon when hovered var(--lumo-contrast-80pct)
--explorer-tree-grid-border-style Style of the connectors dotted
--explorer-tree-grid-left-offset Negative offset for the first column var(--lumo-space-s)
--explorer-tree-grid-default-margin Default margin for the grid cell var(--lumo-space-m)
--explorer-tree-grid-icon-background Background of the expand/collapse icon var(--lumo-base-color)

Custom Theme

:host {
    --explorer-tree-grid-toggle-level-offset: 2rem;
    --explorer-tree-grid-icon-type-width: 1.5rem;
    --explorer-tree-grid-expand-icon-width: 1.2rem;
    --explorer-tree-grid-icon-type-margin: 0.1rem;
    --explorer-tree-grid-line-color: var(--lumo-primary-color);
    --explorer-tree-grid-icon-color: var(--lumo-primary-color-50pct);
    --explorer-tree-grid-icon-hover-color: var(--lumo-primary-color);
    --explorer-tree-grid-border-style: solid;


The add-on is working in Dark Mode and RTL. The theme is based on Lumo.

If you want to use Material Theme, then you will have to set the variables and also the expand/collapse icon.


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ExperimentalReleased 30 May 2022Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 23
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Release notes - Version 23.0.0

Update to Vaadin 23. Custom theme with theme-for doesn't work anymore. You can use part or custom css variables instead.