Upload Excel file to Table components

Upload Excel file to Table components:

Select an Excel file, You can choose to set the header row number, table head line number data starting line number. Or not set using the default settings, example: title line number: 1, the header line numbers: 2, data starting line number: 3 Choose to complete the import to the server-side, click "upload to table" after import Table.

Table, empty data table, you can not add header and data, but must have been instantiated not be empty, otherwise it will error. Similarly, table data table head of the table, If so, then click on "upload to the header tables" after matching detection, detection of the same import to the table, the match fails not import.

Has import, support multi-line headers Excel spreadsheet data NUMERIC (Double, Integer), STRING, Date, BOOLEAN, FORMULA, BLANK, ERROR.


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ExperimentalReleased 29 November 2012Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 6.8+
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Release notes - Version 1.1.0

Version -1.1.0 - (2012-11-29):

  1. Added import data type [strong detection] [weak conversion (for Integer and Double) (If the Table contains the header obtain the type of header do match DealHeader class) 1.1 new warning: type conversion exceptional circumstances : Integer-> Double 1.2 new warning: type conversion exceptional circumstances : Any Type-> String

  2. new Excel file import data types: Date

  3. Refinement Excel file import data type NUMERIC: Integer, Double

  4. Multi-line table entry

  5. new header name repeated error detection

  6. Detection error can input 6.1.excel types of data entry (by example) 6.1.1 date: [2012/8/8], [2012/11/12 22:22:22] 6.1.2 double: [18.0000000000001], [19.42747469] 6.1.3 int: [1], [0], [-1], [14], [65536], [999999], [-999999] 6.1.4 string: [Aaa] [Bbb] [Chinese of (The ZH_CN)] 6.1.5 boolean: [FALSE] [TRUE] 6.1.6 FORMULA: [] 6.1.7 BLANK: [] 6.1.8 ERROR: []

  7. Updated complete Application test case code

Version -1.0.0 - (2012-11-14): 1.Import one-line header ex