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Run your Vaadin applications in an embedded server

Embed for Vaadin is a library allowing you to quickly initialize Vaadin from your IDE. It provides an easy-to-use API to initialize an embed Tomcat container running a particular component or Vaadin application.

The API also allows you to open the default browser automatically and allocates an available HTTP port if none is provided. The API is extensible so that you can suit it you to your own needs.

This add-on works best when used with a build tool such as Maven as it requires Tomcat to operate. Make sure to add this dependency in scope "test" or make it optional such as these libraries do not get transmitted in your project. The add-on is available on the central repository so you don't need to configure an extra repository for it.

To use this add-on with Vaadin 6, please use:

com.bsb.common.vaadin com.bsb.common.vaadin.embed 0.5

For Vaadin 7, please use:

com.bsb.common.vaadin com.bsb.common.vaadin7.embed 0.6

There is also a simple archetype to quickly get you started. For more information, have look to the documentation.


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StableReleased 10 June 2015Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.1+
Also supported:
Vaadin 6 (0.5)
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Release notes - Version 0.6

Fixed compatibility with Vaadin 7.1+