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Domain Driven generation of Vaadin applications ("Vaadinator")

Vaadinator generates a vaadin-based User Interface (both mobile and Desktop), backend and testing facilties from an annotated Domain class. It borrows much from the Domain Driven Design idea. Our intention is to get people productive with vaadin and excited about vaadin – even those who never worked with it before. Vaadinator is free and open source (Apache 2.0-licensed).

The download ZIP contains the documentation to get started but you have to bring a maven archetype in place also - you find everything you need (including a quickstart) at

Feel free to share your insights, thoughts and feedback! - you can do this e.g. by using the Comments function of our Blog (bottom part of the page):

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ExperimentalReleased 29 October 2014Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.1+
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Release notes - Version 0.10-SNAPSHOT

0.10-SNAPSHOT to switch to current Vaadin and TouchKit