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Polymer elements to show Google ads

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Polymer elements to show Google ads.

Normal attempts to insert Adsense or Dfp ads into sites that user Polymer / WebComponents will often fail due to the ad-scripts being incompatible with shadow-dom.

These elements work by creating a div in the page root to shadow the ad element within any view (keeping it positioned correctly etc...)


dfp-lite-ad is an element to show Google Dfp lite ads within Polymer apps.

<dfp-lite-ad ad-unit-path="/559809888/polymer" style="width:300px;height:250px;"></dfp-lite-ad>


  • adUnitPath
  • clickUrl
  • pageUrl
  • cookieOptOut
  • targeting
  • categoryExclusions
  • tagForChildDirectedTreatment


adsense-ad is an element to show Google Adsense ads within Polymer apps.

(not yet implemented)


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ImportedReleased 31 March 2017MIT License
Framework Support
Polymer 2.0+
Browser Independent
Install with
bower install --save CaptainCodeman/google-ads"#0.0.1"
Run the above Bower command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 0.0.1


  • polymer#Polymer/polymer#^2.0.0-rc.2
  • iron-resizable-behavior#PolymerElements/iron-resizable-behavior#2.0-preview
  • deepmerge#^1.3.2