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Polymer-based web component for a D2L menus

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A Polymer-based web component for menus.


d2l-menu can be installed from Bower:

bower install d2l-menu


Include the webcomponents.js "lite" polyfill (for browsers who don't natively support web components), then import the opener and content components as needed:

  <script src="../webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js"></script>


A basic menu can be defined using d2l-menu and a combination of d2l-menu-item and d2l-menu-item-link. Important: specify a label on your d2l-menu for screen-readers.

<d2l-menu label="Astronomy">
  <d2l-menu-item text="Introduction"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="Searching the Heavens"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Solar System"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="Stars &amp; Galaxies"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Night Sky"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Universe"></d2l-menu-item>
  • label - required to announce menu text with screen-readers

Note: d2l-menu renders without an outer border since it's typically used in a context where a containing element defines a border (ex. d2l-dropdown-menu or side nav).

Nested Menus

Nested menus can be defined by placing a d2l-menu inside a d2l-menu-item. For nested menus, a label attribute is automatically applied using the text attribute of the d2l-menu-item that contains it - no need to duplicate this value. A "return" menu item will be added to the top of the nested menu by default.

<d2l-menu label="Astronomy">
  <d2l-menu-item text="Introduction"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="Searching the Heavens"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Solar System">
      <d2l-menu-item text="Formation"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Modern Solar System"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="The Planets">
          <d2l-menu-item text="Mercury"></d2l-menu-item>
          <d2l-menu-item text="Venus"></d2l-menu-item>
          <d2l-menu-item text="Earth"></d2l-menu-item>
          <d2l-menu-item text="Mars"></d2l-menu-item>
          <d2l-menu-item text="..."></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="The Sun"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Asteroids"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Comets"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="Stars &amp; Galaxies">
      <d2l-menu-item text="What is a Star?"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Lifecycle of a Star"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Binaries &amp; Multiples"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Star Clusters"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Star Death"></d2l-menu-item>
      <d2l-menu-item text="Galaxies"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Night Sky"></d2l-menu-item>

Menu Items

By default, there are several menu item types provided. These include d2l-menu-item (for JS handlers), d2l-menu-item-link (for navigating), and d2l-menu-item-checkbox/d2l-menu-item-radio (for selection).

While navigation can be done in JS too, d2l-menu-item-link gives users the ability to right-click and open in a new tab. If providing a JS handler, wire-up to the d2l-menu-item-select event. In addition, a d2l-menu-item-separator can be used to semantically separate menu items.

<d2l-menu label="Astronomy">
  <d2l-menu-item text="Introduction"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item text="The Planets"></d2l-menu-item>
  <d2l-menu-item-link text="The Universe" href=""></d2l-menu-item-link>

The selection menu items act as you would expect a checkbox or radio item to act. Multiple checkboxes in the same menu may be selected, but only one radio item in a given <d2l-menu> may be selected at once (i.e. selecting one option will deselect all the other d2l-menu-item-radio items).

<d2l-menu label="Some Options">
  <d2l-menu-item-checkbox text="Option 1" value="1"></d2l-menu-item-checkbox>
  <d2l-menu-item-checkbox text="Option 2" value="2"></d2l-menu-item-checkbox>
  <d2l-menu-item-checkbox text="Option 3" value="3"></d2l-menu-item-checkbox>
<d2l-menu label="Some Options">
  <d2l-menu-item-radio text="Option 1" value="1" selected></d2l-menu-item-radio>
  <d2l-menu-item-radio text="Option 2" value="2"></d2l-menu-item-radio>
  <d2l-menu-item-radio text="Option 3" value="3"></d2l-menu-item-radio>
  • text - required for d2l-menu-item
  • href - required for d2l-menu-item-link
  • value - required for d2l-menu-item-checkbox/d2l-menu-item-radio
  • prevent-default - optional for d2l-menu-item-link - disables normal link behavior. This can help if you want both a JS handler and the browser's 'open in new tab' functionality (e.g. popup window links).
  • selected - optional for d2l-menu-item-checkbox/d2l-menu-item-radio, this will set the item to be selected by default.
menu.addEventListener('d2l-menu-item-select', function(e) {
	console.log('item selected:',;

Developing, Testing and Contributing

After cloning the repo, run npm install to install dependencies.

If you don't have it already, install the Polymer CLI globally:

npm install -g polymer-cli

To start a local web server that hosts the demo page and tests:

polymer serve

To lint (eslint and Polymer lint):

npm run lint

To run unit tests locally using Polymer test:

npm run test:polymer:local

To lint AND run local unit tests:

npm test


Commits and PR merges to master will automatically do a minor version bump which will:

  • Update the version in package.json
  • Add a tag matching the new version
  • Create a github release matching the new version

By using either [increment major] or [increment patch] notation inside your merge message, you can overwrite the default version upgrade of minor to the position of your choice.


Link to this version
ImportedReleased 30 May 2019Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Polymer 2.0+
Also supported:
Polymer 1 (0.3.7)
Browser Independent
Install with
bower install --save BrightspaceUI/menu"#1.2.6"
Run the above Bower command in your project folder. If you have any issues installing, please contact the author.
Release notes - Version 1.2.6


  • d2l-colors#^3.1.2
  • d2l-hierarchical-view#^1.0.5
  • d2l-icons#^5.0.0
  • d2l-localize-behavior#^1.0.0
  • d2l-polymer-behaviors#^1.9.1
  • polymer#1 - 2